Skinny Scarf

Beautifully designed skinny scarves have been helping people with their fashion statements. These intricately designed scarves are thin and stylish. Men and women love to sport these scarves. Take a close look at the following images and decide which one you need.

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Skinny Scarves for Women

Skinny Infinity Scarves

Infinity scarves themselves are fashionable enough, and when they come in the skinny variety, it easily becomes a style statement. Pair them with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans for a classy yet casual look.

Skinny Infinity Scarf

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Long Skinny Scarves

As the name suggests, these are longer than regular scarves, giving you some extra allowance for trying some of the fancier scarf tying methods.

Long Skinny Scarf

More Long Skinny Scarves

Crochet Skinny Scarf
Skinny Crochet Scarf

A ruffled skinny scarf look quite pretty, and you can just wrap it around your neck for a boa scarf-like look.

Crochet Ruffled Skinny Scarf

Skinny Mini Neck Scarves

Just something to perk up your getup, these are perfect for pairing up with formal clothes.

Skinny Mini Scarf

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Skinny Neck Scarf

Black Skinny Scarves

Flaunt an edgy look by teaming up a black skinny scarf with your white oversized top and black leggings. Go for a smokey eye makeup and look fascinating.

Skinny Black Scarf
Black Skinny Neck Scarf

More Black Skinny Scarves

Black Skinny Scarf

Skirts, jeans, dresses- a black skinny scarf will go with almost anything.

Skinny Scarf Photos
Skinny Scarf

Silk Skinny Scarves

Skinny Silk Scarf
Polka Dot Skinny Scarf
Skinny Chiffon Scarf

A black and white skinny scarf looks magnificent, especially when teamed up with a white shirt and a pair of jeans. Adding a hat to the mix definitely looks stunning.

Skinny Scarf Images
Skinny Scarfs

Animal prints are always hot, and a sleek leopard-print scarf cannot go wrong with a casual outfit. However, try not to blend it with too many colors or prints to keep your look from appearing too busy.

Leopard Print Skinny Scarf

More Leopard-Print Skinny Scarves

Floral Print Skinny Scarves

Floral prints have a graceful feminine charm to them, and skinny scarves with these kind of prints are perfect for girls and ladies of all age.

Floral Skinny Scarf

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Skinny Scarf Headband

Sequin/Bead Skinny Scarves

These are for a more glamorous look, when you are going out to a party or maybe a New Year’s night gathering. The glittery scarves are often enough to turn your whole look into a flashier one.

Gold Skinny Scarf

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Silver Skinny Scarf

The Beaded variety can be great as it makes up for a necklace while working as a scarf.

Beaded Skinny Scarf

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Knit and Woolen Skinny Scarves

Suitable for those mild winter days when you don’t really need a blanket scarf, but having a light one keeps you comfortable.

Skinny Knit Scarf

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Cashmere Skinny Scarf
Skinny Scarf Pattern
Skinny Scarf Pictures

Just put on over you neck and it will make you look like a diva. Pair it with a flowing short red or black sink dress and light accessory.

Faux Fur Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarves for Men

After all the varieties for women, men are not excluded from the skinny scarf fashion. And they really can carry it off.

Mens Skinny Scarf

More Skinny Scarves for Men

A gray and black skinny scarf makes you look dapper. Just wrap around your neck casually and step out in style. Since this is a skinny one, you can use this throughout the year without any glitch.

Skinny Scarf Men

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