Elephant Scarves

Elephant Scarves are cute and stylish and they come in a wide range of designs. The simple prints and comfortable materials have made these scarves popular, mostly among women. Be it your maxi skirt, sundress or regular jeans, elephant scarves go well with all dresses.

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Blue Elephant Scarves

From baby blue to cobalt, and even midnight blue, you cannot go wrong with a blue scarf. And here are some lovely blue elephant-print scarves for all occasions. The can complement a pair of blue jeans or a cotton long skirt nicely on a summer day.

Elephant Print Scarf

More Blue Elephant Scarves

Elephant Scarf Pictures

Pink Elephant Scarves

A pretty pink scarf with white elephant print – it doesn’t get any more elegantly girly than this. Suitable for girls and women of all ages, these soft scarves can be a perfect light accessory in any season.


Pink Elephant Scarf

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Pictures of Elephant Scarf

A gorgeous infinity scarf with itsy-bitsy elephant prints can be your best accessory for spring. The pale pink shade is complemented with blue elephant prints. Make a double loop with this scarf for an attractive look.

Elephant Infinity Scarf
Images of Elephant Scarf

White Elephant Scarf

A white chiffon scarf with elephant prints is essentially for summer days. Team this up with your mid-length dress and get ready to grab the attention of your friends.

Elephant Scarf

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Elephant Scarfs

A white and blue elephant scarf is a wardrobe staple that you can use anytime. The scarf might have a quirky look, but it definitely adds charm to your appearance.

Scarf with Elephant Print

Black/Gray Elephant Scarves

A black or gray scarf with little white elephants is a cute one. Wrap around your neck while going for a brunch party. Wear a white maxi dress and a pair of gladiator sandals for a cool appearance.

Elephant Scarf Images

More Black and Gray Elephant Scarves

Elephant Scarves
Crochet Elephant Scarf

Knit or crochet elephant scarves are not as easily available, but you can get them from some handicraft store or exhibition. There are, of course, all sorts of other color combinations to try too.

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